Craig Thomas Ellrod is a highly motivated, hard working, and flexible achiever who grasps technical matters quickly.  He is a team player and an individual contributor with the ability to complete projects from conception to completion.  He is a resourceful problem solver and action oriented person who interfaces well with all levels of employees and management.

His strength is in Technical Marketing, as he has the unique skill, experience and drive it takes to perform this role.

Craig always maintains a consistent positive attitude, and is a team player that interfaces well with all levels of employees and management.  He is an innovative thinker who is always bringing new ideas to the table.  One of his most valuable strengths is his ability to grasp engineering concepts quickly.

When working in teams, he always provides leadership when he can, to achieve the desired goal of the organization.  He is the type of person that takes the initiative. He is aggressive, passionate about his field of work, and is known for “getting things done”.

Craig has more than twenty five years of experience in the computer industry and holds a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from California State University, Chico, and a Masters in Business Administration from Pepperdine University. He has held many positions in the computer industry including software programmer, technical support, field and corporate system engineering, technical and product marketing, product management and sales. He has worked for companies such as Celerity Computing, Emulex, Pinnacle Storage, Sync Research, Cisco Systems, Extreme Networks, smaller startup ventures and now Citrix Systems. He has authored several patent applications, patent designs and received an innovation award while at Extreme Networks.

Craig wrote the book on Technical Marketing. He is the founder of the Technical Marketing Group based in the heart of Silicon Valley, and runs a Technical Marketing Blog and online forum.

Craig has extensive experience setting up wordpress blog sites and websites that incorporate social media plugins, and in making those blogs seamlessly integrate with social media platforms such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and YouTube. Craig knows HTML and PHP, and understands web technologies, especially Web 2.0 such as XML, RSS, Yahoo Pipes and AJAX, but is not a programmer by profession. Craig has recent experience in the Application Delivery Controller market space, so he knows what a web application looks like from the front-end web interface, the security in front of it, to the database server and storage on the back-end. Craig is an operations guy and knows how to take a website from a single server, shared hosting environment all the way to a mid-range dedicated hosting environment, to a large scale production environment. Craig is familiar with load balancing, high availability, security, performance management and capacity planning.

Craig has hands-on practical experience building server farms in the Amazon, Rackspace and Softlayer clouds and has built his own virtual datacenters based on XenServer, XenDesktop and XenApp – providing knowledge of virtualization.

He is a legacy to the computer industry, as his father was an early pioneer in the computer industry. His father held several positions with companies such as IBM, Control Data, NCR and several other smaller companies and startup ventures. For the majority of his career, his father headed up advanced systems laboratories, held positions in product development, manufacturing, and corporate management, finishing his career as a CEO. In the late 50’s, he developed an optimized search algorithm for data storage technology using matrix algebra to express the migration of storage patterns. At the time, the computer used to perform this work occupied an entire room in the basement of the EE Dept at the university, as computers ran on vacuum tubes, and the silicon chip microprocessor had not yet been developed.