In what he calls his “Day Job”, Craig spends the majority of his time working for Citrix Systems, Inc, in a Technical Business Development role.  He spends a lot of time in the lab plugging in systems and making them work together, especially with Citrix business partners.  Much of the validation work that he does finds its way into the Citrix Ready program.  Craig is known for his “soup-to-nuts” method of performing the hands-on work and then building and delivering the marketing content surrounding the project.  His recent work can be seen in his Blog posts on the Citrix Community Website.

Many of the projects Craig is involved with at Citrix find their way into products that are going to be released to the marketplace.  Invention Disclosures are a regular part of the job, and some find their way into patents and intellectual property.


Craig is the owner and founder of Send My Kid.  Send My Kid is in the business of helping you send your kids to college by providing a forum for raising money for your childrens college savings. Send My Kid is based in the heart of Silicon Valley, California, USA.


Craig is the owner and founder of the Technical Marketing Group.  Based in the heart of Silicon Valley, TMG is in the business of delivering fast, focused and high quality technical marketing data to help clients make key strategic decisions that will take them to high ground in the marketplace. TMG is the worlds first and only technical marketing firm to fill the void with the industry’s best and original talent.